where does it come from? Usually I get ideas at naptime. Really, I do. I guess it's because I'm chill and relaxed, not over thinking or over analyzing life. I'm just being, you know. And then a design will flash across my mind or a thought like "I wonder if I could be the wire like this and then it could look like this.." or something like that.

I love the process, though. I tickle myself sometimes :)

Also old things inspire me or the shape of a branch, the wings of a bug. Those little things that we pass by everyday in our world. Beautiful creations. So I try to pay attention.

Sometimes a thought or design pops in my head and I think "No, that's too hard," and I don't do it. It's a mistake. I should always try at least. From now on I will, cause who knows what could happen with that one crazy design, right?


  1. I know the feeling of designing while I am supposed to be taking a nap. LOL

    Yes! Reach for the brass rings in life, you only go around once, after all. You have surpassed my jewelry making attempts, by far. Keep up the good work!

  2. The same happens to me. And aslo when I'm going to sleep for the night. It's great, but kind of a pain when you're all comfy and cozy and don't want to jump out of bed to jot the idea down.