So I know that July/August are slow months on Etsy, but it's hard not to get discouraged. I mean I list frequently promote like crazy (inside and outside of Etsy), but seeing no change. I really dislike visiting my Google analytics to discover that only 5 people have looked at my page that day.

Yes, I know, the jewelry market is saturated on Etsy. Should I move my items elsewhere? Build my own website maybe? It's just that I like etsy so much.

I mean I listed this necklace today and it has gotten no love. What's the deal?

I'll still keep putting up more pieces..I just need a boost.

Oh well, tis the life of an etsy jewelry seller


  1. Boy do I hear you! You opened your shop about a month before me. I also only have three sales. I had my first sale back in may, and then my second wasn't until two weeks ago and the third just yesterday. I'm very suprised. But hang in there! I'm rooting for ya! And I hearted your shop! :D

  2. I know what you mean. When i joined etsy a month ago, i had no idea the situation was so bad. Betwee, the necklace is very pretty. i hearted it!