What a day!

To begin with, I did not go to bed until 6am, seriously! This was not my choosing. You see I had actually gone to bed at a decent hour (around 11 or so), but was suddenly awakened with an incessant, firm pounding on my front door.

My first reaction was, someone is trying to get in, where is my bat? And then is was who the *h* is pounding on my door at 2 in the stinking morning! Then it was, I wonder if it's one of my friends, are they ok?

Well during this entire thought process the pounding persisted and just as I was getting out of bed, it stopped. I walk to my window and look out and behold....it is a friend and her husband and her two young children. Why were they at my apt you ask? Well apparently I had locked them out of their house.


See I had been housesitting for them for a few days and didn't realize I'd locked all the doors. So imagine their surprise when they arrive home at 1:30am, being very exhausted from driving all day, and having 2 very tired boys in the back...yep imagine how surprised (and I imagine some other feelings) they were when they realized they couldn't get in.

Anyway, all ended well, except for the me not falling back to sleep until 6am.

I did manage to post somethings on etsy. This bracelet
and this painting

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