She's BACK!!


Whitney Houston that is!! I watched both parts of her interview with Oprah and I remembered why she was my idol when I was a little girl.

She was so real and honest, brutally honest at times, when she talked about these past years. I love that she got back up, you know. I mean she had gotten to a really low point and she could have stayed there. She could have totally fallen off, but she got back up again.

When she sang, I could hear the voice that inspired me as a little girl. It was in there and though it may need to continue to gain strength, it's still there.

I just got all giddy when she was performing. I remember hearing her for the first time when I was in the sixth grade. I remember being awestruck and excited and I was that way today! Crazy I know, but I do not care.

She's back....I'm going to get the cd tomorrow and I cannot wait until she goes on tour!

Whitney's back y'all!!!!!!!!!!!

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