Oh Lovely Friday!


Yep that's right, Friday and I'm so happy. I must admit I've had a pretty good week. Substituting at the preschools are always a blast. My most favorite moment, One of my preschoolers is washing his hands after going potty and he reaches to get a paper towel from the automatic dispenser. When the paper towel comes out he politely says, "Thank you." Lol!!! What fine manners.

Preschoolers are such a joy, I guess that's why I love this job so much, I can't seem to get away. I've discovered recently that I don't really want to..not just yet anyway'

In other news...my car is being kind of a stinker. I think maybe I pushed her too hard. So pray that she will perk up soon, 'cause I sure don't have the funds to give her a proper makeover right now.

Oh and I'm entering giveaway

I really would love to win a giveaway,I never have so here's my chance. by the by you should totally visit pardon my ffrench's blog, I love it!

Just listed some fun earrings on Etsy...take a peek

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