Can I get a "what, what" for getting two sales yesterday and two sales tomorrow! It's pretty cool.

So I was just thinking today how so all over the place I am. What do I mean? Well I'm talking about my creative process. I can never seem to hone in on one that for a long period of time. One minute it's jewelry, the next it's painting, then to sewing, or sculpting.

Right now I'm in my art phase and I'm loving painting trees. You know those abstract ones. I know it's kind of a popular thing, and it's not that I'm following the band wagon. I just like them.

Here's just one of the ones I've painted. It's on tile:

Anyway...my point is I know that I really need to make jewelry because of the holidays and such, but I really cannot focus. So any advice for your girl?

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  1. What what!! Congrats on the sales! And I'm glad my words gave you some encouragement! I know how sucky it can be when you haven't had a sale in a while. As for the focus on the holidays, maybe browse online or in stores for some holiday supplies. Looking at and getting new supplies definitely puts me in the crafty mood. Maybe even listen to some holiday music. :-P Silly I know, but hey, it could work!
    Oh, and love the tree. I've painted a couple in that style too.