"I am not a flower! I am not a flower!"


Let me explain.  I love Bath and Body Works Brown Sugar and Fig.  I HATE bees (and all stinging creatures)

Thursday morning as I was leaving to go shop for jewelry supplies, I remembered that I needed to fix my car's air conditioner. (Side note:  I've become a bit of a novice mechanic lately, but more on that some other time.)

As I was under the hood of my car, I hear the all to familiar and highly unpleasant sound of buzzing. My friends, this is no normal honey bee. This thing is the size of  my face (well maybe just my nose) and I had become it's target or "flower" if you will.  So I freeze, hoping it will just go away. Nope it gets closer. I swat. Still closer. I start backing away, briskly.  It follows. At this point I'm reaching panic mode so all common sense, such as just go in the house, is out the window.

Guys no kidding, I go into a full sprint toward my neighbors house and this bed is still chasing me!!! As I'm sprinting I'm screaming "I am not a flower, I am not a flower!" I'm zigging and zagging trying to get this beast of nature off my scent. I finally turn around toward my house, run inside, slam the door and shout "Ha! Take that!"  Wait a few minutes, then step out to survey my surroundings.

Then common sense decides to show up.  See at this point I was unaware of the men working in the yard across the street or the children riding their bikes, or my lovely neighbor up the road watering her flowers.  Yes, they had all seen the spectacle.

I am now the crazy neighbor.


I HATE bees.

*I did end fixing my air conditioner and getting supplies

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