Speak Life


You are loved.  You are strong
You are brave.  You are enough. 

Reading these words, how did you feel?  Encouraged? Empowered?  Relieved?  Did you smile?
That is what the power of words can do for us.  They have the ability to bring strength, beauty and courage.They can bring light into dark places.  They can bring life, peace, freedom, joy and so much more! 
My passion, my mission is to speak life, to encourage, to empower, and to love every human being that I can.  It's the heart behind my jewelry line befreedesigns   Here are a few of my pieces.

I am surrounded by life giving words everywhere.  Here is my favorite wall in my home.  Vibrant, geometric (my fav!) and with words that bring me life every time I read them.

Speaking of life giving words, I walked into Old Navy yesterday and saw their new line of graphic tees!  Oh my soul, it was all I could do to contain myself from squealing like a little, five year old girl!  They were speaking my language!!

  One of my favorite Old Navy shirts from last summer.  Works well in all seasons!

 Find a way to speak life today!  Compliment a stranger, leave note at the DMV, tell someone you love them.  Your words have power, use the well.

Love your face,


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