Rosemary and Lemons.


I promise.  I will get to the point of the title.  Stick with me.  I promise.

So yesterday I was having lunch with a friend, we were catching each other up on the "going ons" in our lives.  I was telling her of the stresses of starting grad school, (after 10 years of being out...I mean what is my deal?!?) car troubles, money woes and I'm pretty sure the topic of being single reared it's annoying head at some point.

I remember a point in the convo I was really fired up.  I said, "You know, the Lord says he's my shepherd and my provider and knows everything I need before I need.  Well, I need him to just do it, already!  I mean, his word says so right?"  That was followed by.  I don't know if I'm being flippant or disrespectful, but I trust if I am the Holy Spirit will let me know."  We parted ways, I went about my day, thinking nothing more of it.

Well, someone didn't forget about it and He did let me know (thankfully)  This morning while doing the dishes and listening to the amazing Tasha Cobbs he spoke to me.  Holy Spirit spoke to me.  See there was this line in the song she was singing about being confident in the promises of God, and just like that I heard him.  I heard the Holy Spirit say, "Nicheyta, his promises are the foundations you stand on, not obligations that you get to use against him."His words were gentle but firm.  Immediately my heart was grieved and repentant.  I stopped what I was doing and said, "Lord, I'm sorry.  Sorry for dishonoring you and your words."  And he said to me, "it's okay, Love."  The next few minutes were sweet with him.  Scripture and promises began to come to mind; for a few minutes I worshiped there at my kitchen sink.

His promises are TRUE.  They are yes and amen.  They are not things I get to hurl at the Lord when I'm in a frenzy or throwing a temper tantrum.  His promises are life.  His promises are who he is.  And yes, there are times when you feel like your hear them so often that they lose their meaning.  But they never lose their meanings, it's just that sometimes are ears and our hearts are not in tune to receive them for what they are.  God's promises are not just wishes or fleeting hopes.  God's promises are words from a loving father who desires to give good gifts to his kids.

I'm thankful for Holy Spirit.  He is a friend, a comfort, a help and a counselor. (thanks for sending him God)   I'm thankful for grace from God to forgive my sometimes sharp tongue.  I'm thankful for the reminder he left me with this morning, my scripture for the year,

"Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her..." Luke 1:45

 I smiled at him, he knows me well.  I finished up the dishes and was looking around for a candle to burn to complete the overall feel of  "the kitchen is clean"; God says to me, "You should boil lemon and rosemary on the stove."

I did.  I love it.  He cares about all the things. I love him

Bye for now lovelies, love your face,

ps:love this hand lettered print to writefullysimple

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